Friday, December 25, 2015

Joy in the Journey: FELIZ NAVIDAD

Joy in the Journey: FELIZ NAVIDAD: **ASK THE MISSIONARIES IN YOUR WARD WHEN YOU CAN TEACH WITH THEM NEXT!!*** "Therefore let your light so shine before this people, ...

Friday, November 20, 2015

Quick Update

Wow! Its been a day since I've written...(or 5 months) but I'm back! I have decided to somewhat catch up on the blog and revamp it in order to hold myself more accountable on writing and letting myself talk about what I love and am involved in.


{just remember how much you love me}

So I wanted to just start off updating everyone that I'm back studying Communications/ Journalism at Utah State University. I love love LOVE that field and I'm so excited to see where it takes me! I'll be minoring in spanish (S/O to the mission) and I'm living right off campus in the Kappa Delta House. (Right across the street from the student center & Institute)

I started school August 31st and have LOVED being back. It was for sure a little bit of an adjustment but I just love being able to see my friends and make some new ones! My great grandma turned 100 the Saturday that school started. Also Braxton turned 22!

Labor Day Weekend, we all took a very spontaneous road trip to Colorado Springs! My family moved over the summer and we figured we might as well go visit them for a little weekend and then drive back. It was so fun to see my family's new home and city that they live in.

Recruitment was the week after and MAN that was a dream. I had gone through Fall Recruitment in 2013, but never got the opportunity to help Kappa Delta Recruit new sisters! I came home from my mission and remember it was fall recruitment and looking at all my new sisters made me super excited for them but also pretty sad that I wasn't there to experience Bid Day. So you can imagine how excited I was. The theme was so cute and well executed. It is THE best day (comparable to christmas morning) to all sorority girls. Our chapter is growing so much and has around 120 girls!

I got THE BEST littles ever. (I know you hear that from every sorority girl, but honestly I love LOVE them) They are the best ever because I see how much they have to offer Kappa Delta and they're the sweetest most genuine girls and are so unique yet such examples to me in many different aspects. For those that don't know a big is more than just a title, it includes:
-mentor/role model in and outside of Kappa Delta
- making sure they feel comfortable in a sisterhood and understand their self worth in everything that they do
- someone to hang out with whenever (including late night/early morning runs)
- someone to cry with, laugh with, vent with, etc.
- someone to help study with and help give advice
- going out to shop, dinner, get nails done, celebrate with, etc.

Someone to be a lifelong sister and be 100% committed to them and maintaining that relationship with them. I love them dearly.

We had our sororities founders day. Want more information about it? Ask a new member in Kappa Delta Sorority. (Our founders founded Kappa Delta on October 23, 1897) **Also that same day I went to SLC and had a consultation to dye my hair grey/silver**

The HOWL was so fun and my lovely sister got to come up from BYU! I was so so so happy because its so fun to have her at school in Utah with me and see her have so much fun. I love how close we have gotten and I know she will always have my back no matter what.

Initiation weekend is so FUN! We just have a ton of time to bond as sisters & allow the new members the opportunity to become fully apart of the sisterhood. I love our ritual and everything it stands for. I love the opportunity I get to grow and become a better sister, friend, daughter, and women.

also slaved over these plaques 

International Girls Day was probably THE BEST DAY EVER! It was our first Girl Scout event of the year and I love love LOVE being apart of an organization that helps mentor girls and allow them to achieve and put their minds to anything their little hearts could ever desire. I loved meeting a little girl 2 years ago and then sitting by her helping her paint a picture of her family. I loved being able to help the teenage girls write some confidence quotes and allowing them to make some for friends, or to put at home or in their locker. I love helping with our philanthropy.

Thats pretty much all I've been up too.  I promise to continue updating more often and less of a crazy mess. Im so thankful for everyone i've met this year and the new experiences and friendships I've made in these past couple months.


p.s. shoutout to tim & brady