Thursday, April 30, 2015

Mission of the Holy Ghost

"But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, Meekness, temperance: against such there is no law." Galatians 5:22-23

So we had TRANSFERS!! Sister Platt is back in this area where she started in spanish in November, she is from...


some random facts we've figured out:
-she went to Allen High school and graduated in 2013
-Went to Collin College
-Performed in the same stadium at least 4 different times (me- drill team, her- marching band) 
-I worked the day she went through the temple
-I know some of her friends due to SYC
...and more

We visited Irene and taught her the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We invited her to be baptized May 23rd! She prayed and said she would prepare for that day! 

Eugene was super sick this week. We asked our District Leader, Elder Lopez and his companion, Elder Speidel (Spiderman) to give him a priesthood blessing. It was really good and we all had the faith to help him feel better.

We saw Perla and taught her the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We just wished she was able to come to church so we could help her progress more. Her family each weekend goes to Ogden and so they are never home. :( Maybe one day she will be here for the weekend and can come with her family!

I had an interview with my mission president on Thursday morning. I have been pushing and pushing because time is ticking here on the mission! I love this work more than anything I've ever done. I know I was sent to Mexico at that time to meet the people I did, and learn from them and have them shape me into who I am today. I know I came to Layton to meet certain people and that I am here in Rosepark doing the same thing. Learning from others and applying what I learn daily. I've prepared so long for this opportunity to serve. I have focused on the people, culture, and miracles that happen daily. I've pushed aside the pain for a long time. I knew I needed to submit my will to His. I went to the temple and took so many questions there. I felt like I wasnt receiving many answers. Then in this interview I told President that I needed to submit my will. He suggested June. The minute he said "I believe you need to go home in the June transfer" I felt the most peace and love I've ever really felt. That was the answer I had been searching for. This upcoming month of May is what I'll call "May Miracles" There are so many miracles coming our way. 

We read the Book of Mormon with Keren and it was really good. I'm super excited for them to be able to go to through the temple on May 23rd! I love that family so much and know good things await them. 

We went to the Family History Center with a member to start his family history work! We also had a coorelation meeting with...OUR WARD MISSION LEADER!! It finally happened and we are so thankful and work has been going and moving upward. 

We had zone meeting this week and talked about our SOE's for Rosepark. We have zone conference next tuesday and they asked if we wanted to do a special musical number and guess who is in charge of it? Yup, you're We will be singing "I know the My Redeemer Lives" with Hermana Pula's arrangement. 

We met with a young man who has been having a really hard time. It broke my heart to realize who it was and what had happened. But I am hopeful for him and his progress. 

We gave talks on Sunday, and thank you dad for a lot of the material I used. 

I have to go but I love you all so much and hope all is well. 

Con Amor,
Hermana Blankmeyer
Sister Nicolesora (Philippians) and Hermana Blankmeyer

Sister Fatani (Tonga) Hermana Blankmeyer and Hermana Pula (California) 

Sister Pearson (Ohio) and Hermana Blankmeyer 

Elder Bishop, Elder Armenta (Colombia), Elder Guerrero (Mexico), Elder Gamble-Thompson (Connecticut) and Hermana Blankmeyer 

Elder Gamble and Hermana Blankmeyer 

Herman Blankmeyer and Elder Tapia (Florida) 

Herman Blankmeyer and Sister Timuia (Tonga) 

Elder Gonzalez (Colombia/London) and Hermana Blankmeyer 

Herman Blankmeyer and Elder Carrillo (Arizona)  
Hermana Blankmeyer, Elder Perkis (England), and Elder Woosley 

Joe's dad, Joe, and Hermana Blankmeyer 

Hermana Pula, Elder Chacon (Guatemala), Hermana Blankmeyer 

Elder Reis Villas Boas (Brazil), Elder Kirkham 

Elder Barfuss (Canada), Hermana Blankmeyer 

Herman Blankmeyer, and the "car czar" Elder Tucker (Layton, UT)

Sister Johnson (Washington), Hermana Blankmeyer 

Sister Fortin, and Hermana Blankmeyer 


Elder Speidel looking fly in my cheetah print umbrella 

Monday, April 20, 2015

Gifts of the Holy Ghost

"And now I, Nephi, cannot write all the things which were taught among my people; neither am I mighty in writing, like unto speaking; for when a man speaketh by the power of the Holy Ghost the power of the Holy Ghost carrieth it unto the hearts of the children of men." -2 Nephi 33:1 

***Work with part member families!!***

WOW! CRAZINESS CRAZINESS, that’s basically how I sum up this week. 

We had a yummy BBQ on last p-day with our zone and Cannon Zone. It was so fun and yummy!

Sister Blankmeyer, Sister Fernandez, Sister Henriques and Elder Lopez doing the "T" for Texas.
Tuesday we had a CRAZY windstorm... I don’t like Utah’s bipolar weather... but hey, it really reminded me of Mexico when I first got there. But yeah, we all ended up going home to change because our skirts where flying up, and that wasn't really the way we wanted to find new people to teach - hahaHermanaFernandez had her departure interview with President Spendlove, it was really crazy to drive because the winds were seriously terrible. We went to eat at a member’s home and by this time it was a dirt/rain/wind storm. Just disgusting as ever, and we were eating and all of a sudden....


Craziness, this was the conversation between HermanaFernandez (the member and me)
Her: Wow! It’s snowing!!
Me: NO WAY....
Her: Yes way! 
Then everyone laughed... it was a you-had-to-be-there-moment

Sister Blankmeyer with a snowman her landlord's grandson made 

Sister Fatani, Sister Blankmeyer, "Sister Fernandez" (snowman), Sister Aguilar, Sister Pula 
 We went to a Relief Society activity and learned how to make cream cheese for bagels, {Yes mom, I have the recipe, and yes: it’s in Spanish} Then we went on exchanges with the STL's. I finally got to go into the English program and stay with Sister Fatani (From the KINGDOM OF TONGA) We had many MIRACLESSSS that day. I love learning and helping others come unto Christ. I know the power of Exchanges: they open doors that were previously closed. It snowed so much, and it stuck. It was no fun, but luckily we had a lot of fun in the car and contacting people on the street {mainly me in Spanish}. There’s a ton of hispanics here and especially out doing things even when there’s snow. We had so many lessons that day, just back to back to back. I loved getting the chance to meet Sister Fataniand learn about her and her family. We both leave in July and our "dying wish" is to stick together, although we know it won’t happen. 

We FINALLY got a ward mission leader. We met with him and we all have a HUGE vision for this ward. It has such great potential; we will have a lot of work happening. I love having the help of a ward mission leader. Perla is still doing great, Irene is well too. Unfortunately, getting our investigators to church is the HARDEST part. We got ice cream with the Rojas before Sister Fernandez left. We met with Eugiene and he said he was praying for May 9th. His prayers are THE CUTEST! 

We met with the Garcia family, and Sister Gloria is doing well. She is recovering well; although she’s in a lot of pain. We have been praying for her. 

WE attended the Bountiful Temple for a recent convert going through for the very first time! We had an awesome session. I felt a ton of revelation and help that was needed. I know my Heavenly Father loves me and is pleased with what I've done. I love my mission and the opportunity to help people come to the temple. Edith is the lady we took and she’s the one from the General Conference picture. She's a sweetheart. I love this ward. 

Herman Blankmeyer's District with her zone leaders :) 

Elder Guerrero and Hermana Blankmeyer doing "Texas" 

Hermana Blankmeyer's District 

Hermana Fernandez's "Farewell" Dinner with the Barajas Family 

Bountiful Temple 

Hermana's at the Bountiful Temple 
Sunday was crazy because Sister Fernandez's family came to our ward, but they first appeared at our house and then we left to go to church. She stayed with us, Eugiene came to church! He was feeling a little sick, so next week should be better:) We taught the Gospel Principles class on Charity. I talked about how the mission has helped me develop that attribute of Christ. We went to a couple lessons with Sister Fernandez and her family, then we had a huge dinner party.
I'm staying here in the area with Hermana Pula and we are getting Sister Platt from Texas! 

Sister Fernandez's last sunday 

I'll stay here and finish training Hermana Pula and I'm asked to be the senior companion! It should be a GREAT transfer! I can’t believe I just have 12 more weeks! The time goes by fast, make sure you enjoy and love every minute of it. When seeing Sister Fernandez leave, it made me think of when I left to go home, and how long, yet how short, the time is here in the mission field. 

I love you all and wish you the best! 

Con Amor,
Hermana Blankmeyer 

Monday, April 13, 2015

Gifts of the Spirit

" Ten Gifts of the Holy Spirit:
1. Helps us understand what we see/ hear 
2. Helps us to recognize the truth
3. Helps us make decisions
4. Helps us to know and choose the right
5. Inspires us with thoughts and ideas
6. Helps us to understand and communicate with each other
7. Helps us recall important things when we need them
8. Warns us of danger
9. Comfort us when we stand in need of comfort 
10. Helps us build a testimony for ourselves of the truth"
- Henry B. Eyring

***YOUTH - Invite friends to church meetings and activities*** 

This week we had the privilege of teaching many wonderful people this week.  Maribel is a teenager we taught more about baptisms for the dead. She was really hesitant about what we were teaching and just asked a ton of questions. I told her about my experience when I was 12 years old going to the temple for the first time. She stopped and thought about coming back to church in order to learn more. We were all praying and reading in D&C 138:59-60 with her.  We read about being washed clean through baptism and becoming an heir to salvation.  It was a great learning experience for all.  

With Perla we taught her the Plan of Salvation, it is really fun to teach kids because they are so in tune with what is happening. She helped us discover her analogy where Disney World was the Celestial Kingdom, and school was the Telestial. We went to go teach Teodora but as we got there, she answered the phone and was talking to someone, and after she we taught her she asked if we could help teach 3 teenagers who are going through a TOUGH time. We said we would be happy to help.

We visited Rico and taught him about Family History and how he could start his family tree. He is a GREAT guy with a 2 month old son and he really loves this gospel. We took Hno. Rojas to our lesson with Maximo about keeping the Sabbath day holy. Then we taught the Mendez family about Patriarchal Blessings. 

Sister's throwing up their "signs" 
Hermana Blankmeyer's zone 

Matching in Red 

We had a lot of area book updating to do, so one day when all our lessons canceled we helped update and train Hermana Pula on that. It is when we go over the area with a map and names to be more effective.  It was good to get it organized (we have a feeling we are getting transferred)  Then we had a really productive meeting with Bishop and after the last person we were counseling about, the power shut off. The whole grid was off and then the song in the car literally goes "Temptations lose their POWER..." haha...we safely went home and did our persona planning.  

I was feeling really bad on Thursday, but Thursday we had MIRACLES!!! We were trying so hard to see these 2 referrals and I was feeling super bad that we hadn't had any success.  However, we decided to check to see if they were home and then we would finish for the day. I prayed they would be home and they were! BOTH were home. It was a nice comfort to know that if you just push the extra 2 miles, LOTS, of miracles and blessings can happen. 

We had a WONDERFUL zone meeting. It was tremendously spiritual! We taught young Eugene about the Book of Mormon. THAT BOY... I love him so much. He's such a great example and gentleman at only 9 years. The last thing that was super amazing this week was last night. Elder Gonzalez was teaching a family. We now cover that area, and the grandma needed a blessing because she would be going into surgery this morning. That blessing had us all (including him) surprised. The father asked "Why do I feel like something bad left and I feel calm, peaceful, and like I need to cry?" We explained it was the spirit. The spirit was so strong in that house. They were all impacted. 

I love you all and am so thankful for the many prayers. Each day truly is a blessing and something I'll never take advantage of. A day on the mission will never go by wasted. I love this work will all my heart. I've waited so long to finally be a missionary and its crazy how fast the time goes by here. I love you all and hope you find hope and strength in my words. You all help me to carry on, and so do the many miracles we face daily. 

Con Amor,
Hermana Blankmeyer 

Monday, April 6, 2015

Christlike Attributes

"I want you to teach the people- and I want you to follow this counsel yourself- that they must labor and so live as to obtain the Holy Spirit, for without this you cannot build up the kingdom; without the spirit of God, you are in danger of walking in the dark, and in danger of failing to accomplish your calling as apostles and as elders in the church and kingdom of God." -Brigham Young to Wilford Woodruff

***Take EVERY opportunity to talk about the gospel. Discuss such topics as the Savior, Book of Mormon, Bible, purpose of life, the family, and family history.***

WOW! This week was jam packed full of great miracles, impressions, and ANSWERS!! 

I was at the mission home on Monday, got the ability to talk to my family about what has been going on with my health. It was so nice to hear their voices, and be able to move forward with the treatments! I'm feeling a little better, so thank you for the prayers and many thoughts.

We went to Celita's and we talked to her about the women's conference. We were able to talk about the things we each learned. It was so special to be THERE! I love being in the Conference Center, there is a special spirit there and we are all united as daughters of our Heavenly Father, no matter the age or background. 

I was asked to go for a couple hours to serve in the YSA ward. They cover a huge area, and most of the lessons were on Temple Square. It was really cool to see the new missionary display they have on Temple Square about where the District Missionaries are now. We just saw a little bit of it before our lesson started. It was really cool to read the Book of Mormon in english with someone around my age. A little different then working in the Spanish family ward, like I have my whole mission.   It was interesting to look at what it is like for someone around my age trying to come to church for the first time. 

We read the Book of Mormon with a sweet sister that is trying to prepare to enter the temple. Sometimes taking the time out of your busy day is HARD! But, like we learned in General Conference, it is oh so rewarding. It really boosts my day and there is never a day I go without reading at least 7 pages of the Book of Mormon.

We taught Irene.  She cried throughout our lesson of the Plan of Salvation. We asked her at the very end if she wouldn't mind saying the closing prayer.  We asked if she should be baptized on the 25th of April. She prayed and knew that she could be baptized that day. It was such a spiritual moment that I wish I could share with everyone. 

That night we had a family home evening with the Soperanez and Barajas. It was fun, the lesson that I was responsible for teaching came from the Ensign. We had a great discussion about being a light on a hill, and being the light of the world, something we are ALL commanded to do. 
.....then we played apples to apples and I might have lost just by one card, for those who don't know, I do not lose playing that game....


We had a follow-up meeting with the trainers and trainees. I learned a TON that I'm excited to start applying in my daily work. President Spendlove is really on the ball over here and I love it! We had interviews with him and he is helping me reach my goal to understand more fully The Atonement. (So if any of you know of good talks or scriptures that would help, PLEASE send me the names and I'll read them!)

We played a small prank on President right after I got out of my interview. I used Sister Spendlove's phone and called our phone. Sister Fernandez answered (she was next to be interviewed) and we acted like it was her mom on the phone, I asked to speak to President Spendlove, when he answered the phone I said
 "Hi! Is this President Spendlove?" 
"HI! This is......sister Blankmeyer APRIL FOOLS!"

HE totally fell for it and was so scared, it was hilarious. He then came in the room afterwards and said "O hey sister Blankmeyer? Your dads on the phone...." haha he's a jokester.   I love my mission president...he understands us Texans real well.

I got to see Great Grandma Ruth's home (well drive by it) on my way home from the doctor's. Then we went to lunch in Bountiful at Urban Country Boutique. It was super fun for Sister Fernandez to see old members in her old area. 

We visited a recent convert, and helped him understand more about temples and the work we do there. He was really fun. We also helped a little 8 year old boy get ready for his baptism. He comes from a somewhat less active family.   His mom wants him to do it because he wants to, so we are helping him understand more about baptism. 

Also Eugiene...he is such a star! He is 9 and loves hearing about God and learning what we teach him.  He is such a smart boy who really steps up because he has no father figure in the home. 

District Meeting was so spiritual! I helped give a training on how we are committed to the work! We read a really good poem that left us all crying. We visited Perla and read the Book of Mormon with her and talked with a recent convert about Patriarchal Blessings! 


Wahoo it started off with us eating breakfast at a ward in our building and then we watched conference at the Holtry's home. Then we left to go to the conference center (traffic was kinda crazy, not as bad as I expected) and then once we get there our people canceled. So we were walking around temple square thinking of who we could invite or give the two tickets to. Then someone grabbed my shoulder and quickly hugged me-
SISTER BOMAN!! It was crazy to see her again and literally a year ago that day! We were soo happy to be able to have 2 conferences together (MTC & CONFERENCE CENTER). Then we kept walking and saw some old missionaries from this mission. Then we went a little off the square, over by a garden and sat down to text some people. I saw a sweet family from Layton whom I loved! Then I was sitting really thinking hard of who we could text.  I looked up from my planner and see a family.  One that looked familiar, without even thinking they were coming our way and I immediately jumped up off the bench and said, "No WAY!" and then the tears started.... THE MISSION PRESIDENT I HAD IN MEXICO!!

He and his family had come from Monterrey, Mexico to see conference! It was such a special moment because Presidente Trevino told me before I left Mexico that there would be a day (and he wasn't sure when) he would see me again with my name-tag serving a mission. THAT DAY WAS SATURDAY!!!! 

Then not only that, we had an INCREDIBLE session of conference. That night we had 4 new investigators. MIRACLES IN ROSEPARK!

Sunday morning we left early to go pickup our recent convert for conference and we went to go watch music and the spoken word. We were there really early but it was really good because we got REALLY good seats. Another amazing session. So many questions were answered and Kevin Hamilton got to represent my first home ward that I'm from and say the last prayer. It was great! Then we went to our stake presidents home for lunch in between sessions. We watched the last session in a members home. 

This week of Easter and the Holy Week was soo amazing to reflect and ponder. I hope you all enjoyed watching He lives or Gracias a que El vive. I truly loved sharing it with so many people. Please don't forget to #HeLives and post it so more people can see it. 

I love you all and remember that the words which were given are truly inspired and directed by Heavenly Father. The spirit I felt when I heard the prophets and Apostles talk was something inde
scribable and I will be going to hear every year. I love this gospel and what it has brought to my life and family. I love how yesterday changed ALL of our lives. He is risen! 

Con Amor y Feliz Pascua

Hermana Blankmeyer

Beautiful flowers I received for Easter and Conference.  Thank you Brax!