Monday, July 14, 2014

Discoveries and our Destiny

"We make our own destiny...We can satisfy ourselves with mediocrity. We can be common, ordinary, dull, colorless, or we can so channel our lives to be clean, vibrant, progressive, colorful, and rich."-Spencer W. Kimball

This week I was able to go out with the hermanas. And we went to go find new people for them to teach. We went to see if the lady they had scheduled for was there but turns out she wasn't, so we continued talking to people on the street, and around where she lived. It was super hot outside so we really wanted people to teach so that we could focus on that rather than the heat. We went to help an elderly lady pay her bills through her phone. She is leaving this week for Mexico but has a strong testimony of the church. The hermanas kept telling her how amazing she is and how she needs to reach out to the missionaries in Mexico so she can continue learning. She is wonderful and super amazing. I had a love for her too just in the 20ish minutes we spent with her. I hope she arrives safely in Mexico and everything goes well.

I had a meeting with my stake president. He and I figured out what I want to do while I wait for the doctors advice. We decided I would be working in the temple, bishops storehouse, Dallas Texas mission office, and then whatever time I have left over I'll be with the hermanas teaching. I'm really excited to be working as a volunteer and continue to do service for others while I'm here. I love helping others so if anyone needs anything, I'M HERE TO SERVE YOU!

My mom and I went to the doctors on Thursday morning. I had to get an ultrasound so they could try to see if there was anything they could pick up from it, I had one done in Mexico but I don't think they actually took the photos, so we had to redo it here. After the ultrasound was completed we took the notes and went to see my doctor . When we sat in his office, I was a little confused when the doctor shut the door and asked my mom, "Do you know how big it is?" I thought he was kidding, then my mom replied saying she took a picture of the notes with the dimensions. I was so confused because I can't make anything out from a sonogram and the lady doing the ultrasound didn't tell me anything about what it was. My doctor then told me I have a tennis ball sized complex mass in my uterus.  He gave me some medicine that should help shrink it down, but he needs to check on it in a month.  So I will be here for at least another month while we wait to see if it shrinks down.

Sunday I was able to go to the Spanish Branch before my ward, and it was awesome! The talks were on the Word of Wisdom, Service and Sacrifice. I sat next to one of the Hermanas recent converts, who I had actually met before my mission when I was with Hermana Munyer and Cattich! I knew she looked familiar, but at that time she knew very little about the church, and here she is now baptized and helping in the church! I talked to some more of the people we visited before I left. I really miss Mexico and speaking in Spanish daily. I miss the humble people and the wonderful spirit I always felt there. Then I came to my ward. I was a little early and so I sat in the pew and started to read my scriptures, the ward choir was starting to practice and I continued reading. Then they started to practice the song, Praise to the Man, (which is my favorite hymn) and I figured now I know I'll be here for another month, I might as well sing in the choir and help out! I also helped with primary! I was able to play the piano for them for a little bit, and I got to interview some of the kids for an object lesson! It was super fun. I love helping out in Primary and being with the little kids. Again, if anyone needs any help I'll gladly be here for it!

Thank you all for the MANY prayers, and concerns I have received. You all are amazing and I love everyone of you! Thanks for helping me in whatever I need during this time. I feel my Saviors love when I pray and ask for help and strength. There are days were I feel okay, and others were it really is painful but you all really do inspire me and keep me moving forward with your sweet words of inspiration! I'm super excited for all the mission calls I've heard of people getting since I've been home. You are all still in my prayers, and especially those who have missionaries in the field. They will be protected and given the guidance on where to go and what to say to have the most success.


Con Amor,
Sophia Blankmeyer


  1. Hmna Blankmeyer.
    Que el Senor le bendiga en su hora de necesidad. Y que se mehore rapidamente para poder volver a la obra misional.

  2. Muchas gracias Tio,
    Sus palabras ayudare sentir mejor! Yo espero que ud y su familia esta muy bien también! Felicidades también a su nina! Que Padre y tiene un buen día!
    -Hna Blankmeyer