Monday, February 23, 2015

Recognize the Spirit

"Therefore repent ye, repent ye, lest by knowing these things and not doing them ye shall suffer yourselves to come under condemnation, and ye are brought down unto this second death." -Helaman 14:19 


We had a great week this week! I hope you all did too! 

First, since last week was a holiday, we took a less active to come out shopping with us. We went to Uptown Cheapskate and then got some Chickfila at the city creek mall. It was so fun to go shopping and get some more "Spring-y" clothes! 

We went and visited Candido, and I was super impressed because he seemed super present. I don't know if it's because he didn't drink that day or what because he was on it! He was so receptive and so in tune with the spirit. 

We visited Escalante and talked to a member named Joyce. Her sister had open heart surgery in Ogden on Tuesday, so we decided to go a little later in the day to share an uplifting scripture. We talked about her family history, and learned more about the scriptures. She is a VERY knowledgable lady. 

Our home inspectors came and we went to the doctor because Hermana Fernandez was breaking into hives and having an allergic reaction to something. We visited Honorio with Hermano Rojas and taught him about Obedience, Praying often, and reading the scriptures. 

We then visited a lady who just let us in without question and asked us about our purpose. So we started explaining.... She then started yelling at us saying she has investigated so many different religions and that the Book of Mormon says, "NOTHING" about the bible.  I looked her in the eyes and asked her "You read the WHOLE Book of Mormon and asked God to know if the things inside were true with a SINCERE heart?" She replied, "Well of course I did and even the story doesn't talk about the bible...nothing does."  I then kept asking if she had sincerely read the whole book, she then admitted no she has not.  Then she asked us a million different questions about Jehovah  God, etc. We all three had scriptures to answer every question.  I had a strong impression with every scripture that came into my head that was followed by a sweet small voice saying, "no".  I could tell she was not at peace and wouldn't listen.  We tried to set up a return appointment and asked her when we could answer the rest of her questions, she said she could only do Monday during our preparation day. She knew we have that day set aside and said she could do no other day, so we set up the appointment and then when we left, we asked each other how we felt. She wouldn't let us leave her with a word of prayer, and all of our answers to her questions would require her to feel the spirit and have an open mind and she doesn't. We all felt the spirit tell us to leave, and not bring up the scriptures to create a "Bible Bash". Thats not our purpose.

We later taught Bonnie the Word of Wisdom. I was super bold and loving when asking her to give me her cigarettes. In my head I was like "WHAT AM I GOING TO DO WITH THEM IF SHE GIVES ME THEM?!?!" I knew the spirit was guiding me because I didn't think ahead of what would happen. She had actually just finished her last pack, so she didn't have any. 

We had a poaching follow up meeting! Things have been getting a little better here in Rose Park, the only problem? OUR WARD IS FAMOUS. So many hispanic people that live in the Salt Lake area, or Taylorsville, some even outside our mission, are coming to our ward. It's sad and frustrating because they really should go to the ward in which they reside in.  It helps because the bishop can receive the revelation needed for that ward, and each individual member, and the missionaries can do the work to the fullest if everyone is obedient in that aspect. 

We met a new lady to teach! I will tell you more about her after we meet with her this week.

We were on exchanges this week. Hermana Fernandez and I stayed, and Sister Pearson came in, while Sister Reza went to the english ward area with Sister Aguliar. We visited Al from Escalante.... Oh Al. I love him so much. His wife was LDS, and he is Catholic. She died, and he thinks that if he meets with the missionaries it means shoving the LDS religion down his throat. I told him I just wanted to come talk, and we came inside. He started getting really defensive while Sister Pearson was asking questions. I knew the spirit was not there. I thought of his wife. I asked him to tell me about her, "She was beautiful even while she was sick until the day she died." He said," She had a light about her that shined so bright. Sitting with her at church made her and me happy and I wish I could experience that again..." I asked him what she taught him about the church, and then he started easing up, he realized it wasn't a battle against religion but, just a conversation about his love story. We invited him to come to church and he accepted! 

District Meeting was great! We talked a lot about the Godhead and the importance of teaching the investigators the doctrine behind CPR. (Church attendance, Prayer, and Reading the scriptures) I explained my personal story of how I need to be fully converted because some returned missionaries become less active due to not understanding the reason why they need to keep CPR up.  It is important to do it for yourself not because your parents made you, nor the mission.  I love being obedient to Heavenly Fathers commandments. I know I want to be around people that are the same. That will help lift me up and help me when I have challenges. I love reading the scriptures daily, I love going to church and listening to the sacrament prayers in Spanish, I love praying and communicating with Heavenly Father every day, multiple times a day. If you are not doing these things, I invite you to start NOW! It is never too late, you are not too old, stubborn, young, or busy. THERE IS ALWAYS A WAY. You are the only one keeping you from receiving those blessings. 

I learned how to make Flautas (my FAVORITE dish) and pupusas! I love learning new things and being able to learn from other countries. Service is my favorite too. We helped a less active take out things from their apartment in order to help them get ready for new carpet. 

We also taught Luis and Elsa! He is the man working on the new Provo temple, painting. He understands the spirit, and she is really worried about raising her kids up in this world. I love this family! 

We helped Hermana Reza apply for college. She is looking at SFCC, CNM, and BYU. It took me back when I was applying for schools. She will do great in her life after the mission! 

With Bonnie we also shared a scripture about Faith in Christ, and that through Him all things are possible.  We taught the Barajas the Restoration. 

We had such a crazy Sunday morning! We needed to do sooooooo many things all before 9am. We kinda got it all worked out, but Andee gave a GREAT talk at church, and we had a really spiritual time after church talking to Mario and Karen Barajas about their sealing. 

***ALSO**** Mario had just advanced in the priesthood on Sunday and Hermana Fernandez needed a blessing from the Elders, and he was there to help! It was such a neat experience. AND one of our lost is now returned! :)

Con Amor,

Hermana Blankmeyer 
Your MISSION if you choose to accept it....
So...these are the Rose Park 14 Charlies (or Gonzales/Gamble's) Angles.

Jose and Mario.  Mario wanted to see what he would look like with girl hair.

Edith's daughter Leyla doing my hair with bobby pins on Sunday.

These are pictures from Hermana Reza's "going away party" from a sister in the ward, Edith.
She also taught us how to make El Salvadorian Puposas.


Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Study and Teach

"Work Smarter. Believe More. Listen to the promptings of the Holy Spirit. Trust your own judgement." -Gordon B. Hinckley 


So last week I forgot to talk about a lady who we found late one night. She was crying and talking about how her husband and her have a lot of Domestic Violence problems and she was asking us for advice. We turned to the scriptures, I told her to stop settling for that and to go to the bishop so her and her children can have a life they deserve. 

Another sister we visited later was Celita, who has a beautiful down syndrome daughter and we taught her about the Book of Mormon. We also taught Candido, a less active about the Book of Mormon and are hoping she will feel the spirit of the gospel and want to be active. 

We visited Sister Barker, and saw the improvement from the neck surgery. We went to dust, vacuum, and washed and dried her cushions from her front room. It was really sweet because her husband does so much for her, when I was vacuuming the bedroom, I glanced at the bathroom and saw a heart with the words "I love you more and more" inside. 

Erika Mota is a new investigator who said YES to baptism! We were so excited! We made hearts for our members, investigators, less actives and more for their doors saying "Happy Valentine's Day!" and also that we "love" them. 

We saw Carlos and talked together about faith in Christ.   Later that day we invited Oscar Fernandez to help us, he served his mission with Sister Megan Hill, he's great and really helped us with the invitations we extended.

We went to a WEDDING!!  It was cool to see someone in our ward get married and also see some friends from my old ward. 

We had stake conference here in Rosepark this week. Elder Evans came and talked about ministering and ward counsels. Interesting topic that completely grabbed my heart as it was given. We as a zone had a mighty prayer on Saturday and fasted on Sunday for more baptisms, new people to teach, and reactivations. 

Amy Earl for the yummy cookies and card! 
Grandparents (both Blankmeyer and Congers)

I loved the wonderful goodies and felt the LOVE on Valentines Day.  (Sorry I was a little late on some of my gifts but they are coming soon!) 

I had my temple recommend interview with my mission president. He said wonderful things about my family. I love him and will miss him but I'm already praying for President Spendlove and know he will guide us. 

I love you all and miss you to pieces! 
con amor 
Hermana Blankmeyer 

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Do What Is Right!

"Do what is right, let the consequence follow
Battle for freedom in spirit and might
And with stout hearts look ye forth till tomorrow;
God will protect you; Do what is right!" 

*****Ask friends and neighbors to serve alongside you in community service, meals for those in need, helping in ward activities, helping people move, working in scouting, Family History or welfare projects.******

We taught a less active this week, and we shared,

 Helaman 5:12 
And now, my sons, remember, remember that it is upon the rock of our Redeemer, who is Christ, the Son of God, that ye must build your foundation; that when the devil shall send forth his mighty winds, yea, his shafts in the whirlwind, yea, when all his hail and his mighty stormshall beat upon you, it shall have no power over you to drag you down to the gulf of misery and endless wo, because of the rock upon which ye are built, which is a sure foundation, a foundation whereon if men build they cannot fall.
(my absolute favorite scripture) and we talked to him about building his foundation in Christ. I invite all those who haven't been to church in the past 3 weeks to read this scripture and pray and ask Heavenly Father to help you in the way YOU need. He knows YOU and will help you if you ask. 

We taught one of our recent converts, Honorio about the Priesthood and Auxiliaries of the church. I love teaching about the priesthood. I love the opportunity God has given to men to act in His name if they are worthy. Nothing makes me happier than seeing my brother, dad, grandpa, friends exercising this wonderful priesthood power and helping me receive blessings, and more.   THANK YOU! 

Since we work in the Escalante Branch, we decided to go and visit Sister Barker, the relief society president and wife of the president in that branch.   She recently overcame massive neck surgery. She tripped over the vacuum cord one day and broke her neck and she wasn't going to live but she had FAITH! She has been recovering very well, but we like to visit and help when we can. 

We visited Andee, and when we went we also taught his friends! They are funny because they're sweet and old and some are senile but its always a fun time in Escalante. :) 

We took Carlos (a 19 year old less active) to temple square. We couldn’t think of what would grab his attention.  So I thought of Temple Square because the spirit is so strong there.  We could also teach him about the Plan of Salvation in the room with the Christus and that is what we did.  For a 19 year old boy with 3 sister missionaries he wasn’t really paying attention but once we bore our testimony there, he felt something different and changed his focus. It was a really good lesson. Sister Reza has been in this area for 6 months and she said he has never ever taken the time to listen or even talk to us, but now he is starting to want to come back. 

We had a service project on Thursday morning. The Utah Food Bank truck came to Escalante and we delivered some of the boxes that some people wouldn't be able to physically pick up. It was fun because we got to drive around some golf carts :) Then Sister Fernandez got her hair trimmed, and I was talking to the lady and telling her about how I was debating getting bangs, but not your straight across type, I wanted choppy and longer so it can grow out faster before I come home :) I basically just went for it and decided to get it done finally. I LOVE IT!! 

We had a FHE with Sarahi and the Barajas family.   We watched Meet the Mormons because Sarahi had a copy from the screening from her boss so she invited us over to watch it.  I love that movie so much.  I didn’t realize just how much I missed football until they showed that one segment and sister Fernandez and I were pretty excited to see it (especially considering she missed the Super Bowl)

We found 2 new contacts this week! One at Escalante (the friend of Andee's) and the other is a sibling of someone we just started teaching! We are excited to help them gain a stronger relationship to Christ and help their family be sealed. 

We had lunch with Sister Smith! We went to CPK at Gateway and it was super fun to catch up and talk to her about the changes since Layton! She tries to predict next transfer and told me I would be training in Kaysville, lets see if she is right!?

Valentine dinner and dance
Our 14th ward had a Valentine's Day dance on Saturday night and we as missionaries were invited to attend. It was great because before we talked about Charity and love with a less active member family. It was a great great lesson! Also we had fun at the Valentine's dinner and dance! 

Church was great! We had an investigator attend church with us! We taught the investigator who came to church and her recent convert husband that day also! We taught 2 FHE  lessons Sunday as well. The weather is BEAUTIFUL here right now. I love it!  :)

I love this area and you all! I miss you, but I'm super happy to be in the service of my fellow man and God :)

Con Amor,
Hermana Blankmeyer 

P.S. on Friday we had an Emergency Mission Meeting in the building behind the conference center to talk about the new mission president and logistics and such. Thursday President Spendlove from San Antonio, Texas was called to serve for 2 years and 4 months with his wife in our mission as mission president. He has a 16 year old daughter and 13 year old son that will be living with them here. I'm super excited for them and they have around 3 weeks to move and come here without much training. 

Tuesday, February 3, 2015


***Be aware of opportunities to reach out to others. Be neighborly and reach out in love to all people.***

"Therefore, cheer up your hearts, and remember that ye are free to act for yourselves- to choose the way of everlasting death or the way of eternal life." -2 Nephi 10:23

SOOOO Rosepark is great!! I love the 14th ward. Lots of craziness and a new area to learn and love. This area is in the Northern Rosepark stake and we work in the more afluent part of the area. I am really trying hard to learn as much as I can. Utah kinda confused me because I got used to the grid system and now I work with a TON of street names.  That is what confuses me most.   I LOVE this new area, my trio, and everything else here with all my heart.

**(ALSO the reason I am in a trio- I was actually asked to train this transfer for a visa waiter going to Guatemala, but she got her visa in the MTC very last minute.  She got lucky enough to go straight there, therefore the random trio)*** 

Okay so again I am terrible at names in this new area and just learning and so its hard for me to remember everyone and everything so please bear with me. 

Honorio is a great cute 70 year old man who is learning and recently joined the church.

Castaneda Family is the cutest, they have a ton of kids and have a cute story of how they met. 

Alofa (We also cover a english branch for people living in Escalante, they are all elderly and some have disabilities- I LOVE this area more than anything) she is a Samoan women who is the best ever. We had curry chicken and rice and vegetables and chocolate cake at her home and it was so amazing. 

Andee we tried to study his lesson for priesthood, it was on Agency.  He was struggling that day and so we did the best we could, and left with a prayer.

Ortega Family is a new family.  We taught them Lesson 1 and he had many great comments and insights. I really feel good about this family. 

Barajas Family are recent converts. They are a great family that are striving to become an eternal family. 

It is so cool to be in this area because it is so close to my last area, and there are many relations to my last area. I knew a less active I visited a couple of times in my last area who is the sister of a member in this area and that connection is really cool! 

District Meeting was great!  I'm in a new district but most of the people in it are from my last district! 

We had a day where we contacted EVERYONE in Rosepark, okay not really, but basically anyone we could get in front of and it was a lot. It was also a BEAUTIFUL day, I kinda want spring now (if you can't tell) and we just knocked out so many contacts we have no pass along cards left now. 

I'm hopefully going to remember more people by name and a little bit about them.  What happened is because we worked hard and saw so many people its hard to keep everything straight in my mind.  It is hard to go visit less actives and investigators and recent converts, and all the houses look the same and it is interesting and a challenge.   But it is the best to be busy, I absolutely love it. I just need to do better at remembering the names of all the people we work with. 

Church was fun and great! Our bishop is the mexican look alike of Steve Carell. Literally. We taught Sunday School on the gifts of the spirit. It was really good, and many people after the lesson were telling me that I was great at spanish so that made me feel welcome to the ward.   I am sure if I wasn't stumbling around the language it was  THANKS TO THE GIFT OF TONGUES that was possible. 

We tried to go teach a new investigator but he wasn’t home. One thing that is super nice being in a trio is, if there is a single man in the house we can still teach him because there is a 3rd sister there.   So houses we normally couldn’t get in before, we can now, same with rides home.  We met with a great guy who is investigating but lives out of the mission, and so we told him we wished we could teach him but unless he moves we cant. But he is still going to come to our ward and he is going to think about moving so we can.

We had dinner and then we had to weekly plan because of the Superbowl. I personally didn’t care and didn’t know of who was playing but Hermana Fernandez did.  It is a holiday at her house and she loves the patriots.  We heard the score at the end of the night and she was happy, I was happy she was happy she was funny.  Hermana Reza just thinks we are crazy.  I love them so so soooo much.  Hermana Reza says I will train next transfer and will either go back to Mount Ensign or whitewash a new area. 

Well that is all I can think of for now, OH! I found a nice fortune 
                                          "You will be successful through innovation and determination."

I love you all and am praying for you! 
Thank you Sister Sandi Smith for the target gift cards!
Thank you Sister Teri Smith for the visiting teaching message- I also always read christlike attributes every week.
Thanks Liz, for the card! 

Con Amor,
Hermana Blankmeyer