Monday, April 28, 2014

There can be MIRACLES

Well here I am again folks!

We have soooo much happening here in a week its crazy to know where to start and what to say! 

Lucy  is an investigator that we went to and just balled our eyes out crying. Her daughter is SUCH a great example to her and she is having difficulties with her marriage. Her husband is really aggressive and its heartbreaking to see this all happening. But we love and pray for her daily.

Catolina... where to begin?! I mentioned her in the last blog post.  She is the sweet abuela that repeats what I say when I pray with her. She is one crazy, hilarious lady and literally she changed, like full on every article of clothing in front of my compie and I. We tried so hard not to laugh at this crazy old lady that we love, we went to her sons house, because his son is 17 and not a member but everyone else is. She talked the ear off of the poor taxi driver then started saying who knows what in our lesson with her grandson. It was great because everyone was laughing at her in the end. 

Diana Laura.. She just needed her dads signature on her baptism papers since she is only 14 years old. Her dad seems pretty wishy washy on the whole thing but we continue to have faith and pray. 

Jose was baptised before I came here but has yet to receive the Holy Ghost, so we went to his house (His dad is Urbano) and we sang a hymn and invited him to come to church to receive the holy ghost. 

Oscar is an 8 year old spunky kiddo. I love him! His mom is a less active member and he has 2 twin brothers that are 4 years old. They are a crazy, but awesome family. He is the man of the house because his dad actually died a couple months ago. He wants to be baptized and you should have seen him beg his mom to go to church! Also, at the end of every lesson they ask me how to say ____ in English. 

*Side note: I teach English every Tuesday and Thursday at the church, and the kids usually bring old tests or homework, and the material they learn is not proper English, so I may be coming back to Mexico to teach English to these kids*

Thursday both me and my compie were sick. So we went to the doctor, lunch with a member, and tried to rest so that tomorrow we could get back to work. We went to a lady named Diana Sedeno. She has already been taught by the missionaries and had a kinda awkward experience. She felt like she never got an answer and that they didn't care about her. There was a million things running in my mind when I heard her story. But the one thing that stood out to me was a hymn. Mas Cerca Dios de ti. (Nearer My God, to Thee). I sang it (solo, scared out of my mind) but once I finished the song, I looked up and tears were in her eyes and I know that she received an answer. That was an experience I will never forget.

WE HAD ZONE CONFERENCE!! It was way cool to see some of my friends from the MTC, and everyone. Lots of pictures were taken, videos were shown, and many spiritual lessons were shared. I felt like I could literally move mountains afterwards. 

There are days here where we meet someone new and teach them and see potential but they call and tell us that for whatever reason they can't meet with us again. It breaks our hearts. 

But then there are days where exact obedience comes in, testimonies are strengthened, and I think to myself, GOOD LUCK trying to get me on an airplane home in 2015! Diana Laura was baptized after church on Sunday! She is SUCH an example and she is my first baptism! I felt the spirit so strong and I remembered my baptism day. 

I love you all and know without a doubt that this church is true! Exact obedience leads to miracles, and that I'm exactly where I need to be right now. 

Con Amor,
Hermana Blankmeyer 

Monday, April 21, 2014


Hi everyone! This is super exciting because I get to update everyone on EVERYTHING that has happened since my last preparation day (pday).

I got off the plane in Veracruz around midnight, we took pictures, and arrived at the hotel. All of us were D.E.A.D. tired after traveling all day. We went straight to bed. We woke up the next morning, packed up and headed to the church offices to learn everything we needed to know. Then we headed to the chapel across the street and met our companions/trainers! 

My companion is from Mexico! :) She is learning English (everyone in the mission needs to know both) but she is THE BEST. She has only been on her mission for 3 months, and just in this area.. so once she is done with me she will have been in the same area for 6 months of her 18! She fell during her first couple of weeks on her mission here so she had to be careful with walking.   Because she really hurt her foot, she pretty much has only been on her mission half the time she really has due to her injury for the first part. I'm thankful that she understands enough to get around because I'm terrible with directions here. 

Mexico is EXACTLY what you picture it to be but at the same time its the EXACT opposite. I LOVE it here in Veracruz. Everyone warned me about the humidity, but this Texan can handle the heat (although we do love whoever invented fans). Taxis and buses are everywhere and we use them when we need to pass to the busier type of streets because its safer than walking. By safer I mean you're at least INSIDE one of these death traps, ha ha. But really though, the buses are so rusty and torn up you wonder how they even get them to work, and then there is a MILLION people on it... oh, and did I mention that the minute your foot steps on the bus it is already going, so... HOLD ON TIGHT!! Taxis are better, but they also drive like its all good. 

We have lunch with members everyday, and so far I have had tacos, tortilla chips, beans, mangoes, pears and apples with yogurt and granola, soup, rice, meat, jello, I think that's all. I don't know what it is but everyone here makes water with a fruit and it is literally heaven on earth. 

We taught so many lessons my second day. We have TONS of investigators. The church is EXPLODING here. 

Abril is the first person we taught. She is 18 years old and she has such a strong testimony of the church. Her father will not sign the baptismal papers and allow her to be baptized. She is trying not to upset him because then he will not pay for her school. She lives in a place called Predios. Predios is not where the poor people live, it's where the dirt poor people live. Literally, shacks are built out of cardboard and scraps of metal to be made into a house. Families, children, babies, grandparents, people of all ages live here. It is the saddest thing. She offered us some water and I saw that it was the last that they had. The dirt roads are littered with babies clothes, shoes, bottles, diseased cats and dogs.  I even saw a dead dried up frog. The people are so humble and it really did open my eyes to see babies living in these conditions. 

We didn't have light in our apartment because they had forgotten to pay, but luckily, I had a flashlight, so we could do our studies at night in the dark. The next morning I woke up and did my daily routine before getting ready to shower.  But while I was showering, in the freezing COLD water, I felt something weird on my leg. I dried my eyes with my towel and saw a lovely cockroach climbing up my leg. Once I had killed that there was an even bigger one on my towel. Need I say more... that my shower was pretty much done at that point. 

We went back to Predios and talked with Abril and her aunt. Her aunt is a member and was not feeling too well so we went to check up with her. We sang a hymn and talked to Abril about her dad and his change of heart. She bore her testimony in Spanish about how the church is true. She knows it with all her heart, and she wants to make the right choice but she kept saying " No puedo, yo quiero pero no puedo" I cant, I want to but I cant. Tears filled her eyes and I shared a scripture with her and asked her to put her name in the scripture to personalize it more. She did and she felt the spirit so strong when I bore my testimony that her fathers heart can change through faith and hope. 

Catolina is a WONDERFUL old lady. She is a recent convert and shes in her 80s-90s. She is the cutest little Mexican abuela. She always tells me I'm a gorgeous gringa and she ALWAYS asks me to say the prayer. Literally, whatever I say she repeats (in the prayer) it is SO HARD not to laugh because she tries to say it at the same time that you are so shes not echoing but its impossible. Shes so sweet I love her to death. 

Diana Laura is around 14 or 15. She is so cute and her dad knows a lot about the church but isn't a member. She came to church and after the second hour found us and practically said, "When can I be baptized?" 

Carmen and her family live in Predios. And just when I thought that area couldn't get any worse, it does. They live in the gutters of predios. We literally have to walk in the gutters to get to their house. Good thing I'm a tiny one because I have had to fit in some tight spaces here now that I think about it. They are such a sweet family. We taught the kids and even some of their friends that were over. 

Barbara lives in Predios and shes a little old lady too. She lives with her brother (i think) and he got baptized last week! Whenever we teach her we have to have pictures and speak slowly and repeat and repeat and repeat and then we ask what we had taught and she says "no se en verdad" I don't know honestly.... then you repeat and repeat again haha! She Is a cutie. Her only set back is that her mom was a devout catholic and she doesn't want to upset her mom but Hermana Guerra explained that her mom is in a place with God and knows of the truth. It brought tears to Barbara's eyes and she said, "I know its true, I can feel it." 

Urbano lives in Predios and is also old. His wife is a member but he has a problem with smoking. He was going to be baptized but he continued to smoke so we are working with him on that. 

FOUR of our investigators came to church on Sunday! I also got called to help play the piano in primary! I'm beyond excited to help out in the primary because its what I love most. 

The earthquake that happened, we felt. I at first was freaking out because I thought it was just my eyes going crazy but then we found out there was an earthquake and we definitely had felt it. 

Everyday we speak with everyone on the streets and gain new contacts. Ive learned a lot since I've been here. The random pops you hear at night are in fact gunshots, the taxis honk to see if you want a ride and at least every other car is a taxi, bells mean ice cream/ shaved ice. People on motorcycles are selling tortillas and they honk their horn going up and down the streets every day. There are people in cars with stereos on top selling the equivalent of donuts. Ive pretty much seen every animal and insect known to man. Yes there were 2 cows by the Pizza Hut one night and a drunk horse.  Also, the music here sounds a lot like F.U.N., One Direction, Bruno Mars, and that's because it is. They listen to regular American music but they also have their own. I'm already getting a pretty sweet missionary tan and its only been a week here... No one here expects me to speak español so its pretty funny when they talk and I understand what they are saying. 

There is more I am missing but I cannot think of what it is now. The weather is perfect, but Ive never craved a swimming pool so bad in my life. Miracles happen everyday and I'm so thankful for it. Days go by super fast here which is weird because its already been a week, and it feels like a day. 

I love you all and hope you all know you are in my hopes and prayers!

Con Amor,
Hermana Blankmeyer 

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Last blog post from the USA

at the Provo Temple today

Benjamin our "investigator"

Awk Family pics

TODAS LAS PERSONAS: Voy a Mexico LUNES!!!!! Es increible, no?! Yo quiero a ayudar a las personas en Mexico pero yo estoy triste que yo saliendo los Estados Unidos! 

Well this week was QUITE the week!

Conferencia General son MARAVILLOSA!! Me gusta mucho el discurso de Neil L. Andersen, he even said my favorite scripture. Helaman 5:12! I felt like this general conference would be awesome because I'm at the MTC, and it was, pero honestamente, I invited many of the investigators to watch general conference and so I had my "investigator ears" on more than I did my missionary ears. That talk really touched ME personally so I really loved it. We also were able to watch the General Womens Broadcast, which TOTALLY made me excited to see 8 and 9 year old girls there. It REALLY made me wish I was at the stake center watching it with my mom and sisters, BUT I LOVE YOU ALL AND MOM- THANK YOU for helping me be the young lady I am today. You are my rock and I look up to you in every way so THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU.  In about 17 months I'll be giving you a HUGE hug of thanks so be ready for it :)

*ALSO SIDENOTE: The David Archuleta, "Called to Serve" documentary at was pretty sweet especially because I WAS IN IT!!* (During the part where he lead the missionaries in singing I was up in the bleachers wearing a black and white shirt kinda in the middle) 

**ANOTHER SIDENOTE: My mission president, Carlos W. Trevino, Jr. got called as a GENERAL AUTHORITY! How awesome is that?!

A LOT of wonderful things where said that conference weekend. The devotional that sunday night was BYU Vocal Point. I started to feel the spirit so strong when they where sharing experiences from missions and their music. (I felt like I was listening from my iPod but it was way better because it was live). I seriously LOVED the hymns they shared and felt the spirit so strong. We then watched a film of Jeffrey R. Holland at the MTC on Thanksgiving morning a couple years ago. It was WONDERFUL!! 

This whole week has been full of "lasts & laughs" We had a ton of investigators to say goodbye too but also felt the spirit in SO MANY lessons. Tuesday Night Devo was with an Emeritus General Authority Elder Neuenschwander and his wife! They had AWESOME talks and I learned so much. 

I GOT A HAIRCUT! I took my dads advice and got a buzz so that I wouldnt be super hot in Mexico like Pedro in Napoleon Dynamite. JK (just kidding) but I did get a trim because I figured....I might as well. 

We had in-field orientation on Friday and it was SUPER FUN! It got me super excited for the field, (even though I arrive in Mexico at 10:30 pm and literally get up at 5:30 that morning). But in all honesty I know that EVERY investigator, area, and companion are for a reason. NOTHING IS RANDOM and I love that. I love that mi proposito es invitar a las personas a venir a Cristo. ITS soooo important. 

I've been hearing so much about the Semana Cena (Holy Week) in Mexico and I'm thankful that in Mexico Easter is C.O.M.P.L.E.T.E.L.Y. focused on the Savior and not on an Easter bunny (which is fun). However, I personally gained a bigger testimony a year ago when I had to speak on Easter Sunday about our Savior's Atonement. I cannot thank Him enough for all that He suffered and He went through for all of us to be able to return to live with Him again. The investigators I was teaching told me that they could tell that I was a representative of Christ and it really touched me. I'm so thankful for the knowledge I have that HE LIVES! 

Thank you all for taking the time to read my blog and hear about my adventures! I'll be in Veracruz the next time I email (my pdays (preparation day) are Monday) and I unfortunately cannot email anyone except family but PLEASE CONTINUE TO SEND ME YOUR ADVICE AND tell me about the EVENTS IN YOUR LIFE! I WILL read them and write you a handwritten letter so your addresses would be helpful too!

Love you all, Stay safe and Happy Easter!

Con Amor,
Hermana Blankmeyer

ps.We were "missionary hosts" for new missionaries on Wednesday! Which was super fun and THENN we were EXAMPLES for the 39 new missionaries on "how to begin teaching" which was a CRAZY awesome experience and I felt the spirit. The weirdest part was when I wanted to teach in spanish... but it was all in English. They told us that we were not speaking full sentences on our first time.  But the second time was much better. So thats good!!!  It was so awkward teaching and formulating English sentences pero es mal porque nos ensenamos solamente en espanol. 
Also (those preparing for missions will get this) I WAS TAUGHT BY THE DISTRICTS ONE AND ONLY ELDER CHRISTENSEN! 

Friday, April 4, 2014

It didnt happen. our prank

our first couple days here the teacher made us a sign that said Espanol poooorfavvvoorrr and we didn"t like him for it because it was obnoxious. He did it as a joke so for april fools we made signs to give to him and his new district (our new elders) that said english please but in spanish hahah
(left to right)  Elder Fickes (Idaho) Elder Bavelas ( ____ viejo CALIFORNIA) not mission but i think it starts with an A like Aliso Viejo? Elder Criswell (Utah?) and Elder Williams (Utah?) our new elders that have been here 9 days think they're old haha


"Your faith will perform miracles, especially when you get your hands and feet involved." -Spencer W. Kimball

I love quotes and especially this one because this week was full of wonderful things!

Sunday is literally my favorite day here. We had fast and testimony meeting and the spirit was so strong in that room. Music and the Spoken Word was great and so was relief society. Our speaker was Cheryl C. Lant and she had a TON of wonderful things to talk about that I cannot wait to use in Mexico! We had TONS of study time here at the CCM for fast sunday and I loved it! I love reading my scriptures and PMG and finding ways to help my investigators learn more. We have 3. Two are our teachers and one is a USU Eastern Professor who is a VERY learned man. He has pretty much read ALL of the Torah, Bible, Quran (sorry I can't spell thanks to Spanish), but he's pretty much read every religious text ever and he's studied it in depth. I was so excited to teach him because he yearns for knowledge. For our Sunday devotional we had .... wait for it.... RICHARD ELLIOT! He's the Mormon Tabernacle Choir Organist and he brought one of his friends....DAVID ARCHULETA! He literally just got back from serving in the Chile Mission and he came and sang to us, bore his testimony and more. It was like a private concert from the best accompanist and singer, and every girl was fangirling it up and it was great! But really the spirit was so strong while it was all happening and I've never been so excited to go share my message to those of Veracruz!

Monday was great. We taught a new lady named Nayelli (she's super cute and I love her) she is from Mexico! Hermana Bingham and I love her sweet spirit and she is progressing wonderfully. 
We also answered one of Javier's hard hard questions. Just imagine a room of 2 young hermanas, ones 19 the other is 20, a very learned man and a hard question oh and you have to answer in spanish. I was so scared that it wasn't going to be good enough but in my opening prayer I had asked for us to teach with claridad y simple. HE GOT IT! The spirit does WONDERS! He said he's asked a lot of missionaries that question and others and hasn't been satisfied with any answer but we tried our best and got the spirit involved which really did help him and thats all we could want. 

Tuesday was wonderful because we had DEVOTIONAL! We also are teaching people from Spain over skype (they are members) and we have the opportunity to share a message and get to learn more about them and their needs. I love tuesdays! Also in the choir we were told that we need to triple the size (because no ones at the MTC/CCM) due to the timing of it being in the middle of the semester and things. But seriously THERE ARE IMPORTANT PEOPLE COMING!!! they need a huge choir. A little birdy told me that they are gonna be some of Thomas S. Monson's best friends... if that doesn't make you wanna come to choir I dont know what will. 

Every day of the week we learn something new, or get a question I've never asked myself, and it's truly wonderful to have the opportunity to study and get the experiences I'm having. Also everyday that the weather is below 80 I think (10) more days until I'm never gonna want my jacket again. 

We also had a WONDERFUL EXPERIENCE happen. On Wednesday we were getting ready to do TALL (Spanish study) and we had to write our branch president. There was a couple looking for some elderes that never showed up to teach them. We started talking to them about Veracruz, food, mexico, life, what we are doing and more! Then... we loved speaking to them so much we asked if we could teach them more about the gospel we are sharing... 2 more investigators and literally I've never been so excited. Its crazy that now we have 6 investigators! Most missionaries don't get this opportunity so I'm super thankful!

My spanish has been increasingly getting better but I know it'll be crazy when I'm actually IN mexico. 

I invite you ALL to watch a session of General Conference and have a question in mind. Take notes from the things you hear and FEEL! I promise your questions will be answered and you will be blessed! 

I LOVE this gospel and everyday I'm becoming more and more converted into it and I love every second of it! I cannot believe that tomorrow will be my MONTH mark! I only have 17 months left and I already want it to start slowing down. 

Te Amo mucho! Yo sé que el Evangelio de Jesucristo es verdadero! Por favor escribeme!

Con Amor...
Hermana Blankmeyer

March 29 casual Sunday afternoon

Photoshoot with zone March 29

 Rocking the boy band pose! Watch out One Direction!
 District 121b Love these girls!
 Hermana Williams, Sullivan, Bigham, Blankmeyer and Hermano Jensen and Brown
 The gang is all together! Best zone ever.
 The mountains are so cool. I love the creations that He has given us!
The famous MTC Map we are all pointing to our missions

Hermana Bingham, Me, Hermano Jensen, Brown

Hermana Blankmeyer and Bingham being artsy and getting a needed long hug!

March 29th Thanks for the Prayers!

"This is the beginning of a new day. God has given me this day to use as I will. I can waste it- or use it for good, but what I do today is important, because I am exchanging a day of my life for it! When tomorrow comes, this day will be gone forever, leaving in its place something that I have traded for it. I want it to be gain, and not loss; good, and not evil; success, and not failure, in order that I shall not regret the price that I have paid for it." -Dr. Hartsell Wilson

I thought that I might start of with that quote so hope yall dont mind that. First off I'd like to say CONGRATS TO THE NEWLY WEDS!! Love you both and I'm so happy for you and I'd love to see pics cause you know..cant really get on the internet much here so please & thank you.

So this week I had a new investigator named Javier! I love getting new people to teach! 

Tuesday was a good day because we had lunch with another investigator named Nayelli and we sang in the choir! Elder Ellis spoke and it was way cool because afterwards, I went and shook his hand and showed him that I followed through with what I said at zone conference in Texas with me being here and he said I'd do great things in Mexico and he said he was happy I finally got my nametag! 

WE GOT NEW ELDERÉS!!!!! On wednesday! We are so excited! There are 4 and they are all going to Argentina! My companion and I were called to be Sister Training Leaders so we got to welcome them with the district leaders! They're great and will be awesome missionaries!

I found a lot of awesome things in my personal study everyday but my favorite scripture right now is Matthew 18:20.

So one of my teachers taught Elder Archuleta and that was a huge fan girl moment for me but then ended quickly. Cars honk at us all the time while we pass the street and it literally scares me so bad everytime. 

Last night I was at the E.R. for stomach pains and while I was sitting in the waiting room there was a college aged young man who came with his grandparents and asked Hermana Bingham and I if we would be kind enough to go over and talk to them because his grandpa just had a stroke and he needed to hear about having faith and hope. Hermana Bingham had just shared with me a scripture in Mosiah on that subject and she went to go talk to him. When she was over there, a man in a suit came up and asked if I wanted a blessing. After he left, another lady came up and started talking to me and said she served in Puerto Rico and her husband went to argentina. She was giving me so much hope and comfort. I cannot thank her enough for all that she did. 

I'm feeling much better they never said what the cause was but they can guess it was the MTC food... 

Thank you all for your prayers and for your letters! I love you all! 

Con Amor,
Hermana Blankmeyer