Sunday, September 29, 2013

Ready or not here I come!

Summer's Over! 

So here goes nothing! I decided to pick up blogging for those who would want to relive the whole college experience and for those that are getting ready to send college apps *Cough cough ABIGAIL cough cough* to get a little sense on how Utah State has been lately. 

So basically I will keep this somewhat short and sweet (pics will come with time)
Here is whats happenin' in LOGAN UTAH:

-Aggie Blue Leadership Conference
-Went to Connections (freshman 2 credit course on learning to transition to college)
-Met William Kakwamba 
-Church in the 22nd ward
-LLC Social and Pep Rally
-First Day of School
-Week of Welcome 
(Otter Pops, Man of Steel, Day on the Quad, BBQ, 80s dance, High Stakes Bingo, Watch Party)
-Recruitment Week 
(Became a Kappa Delta)
-Homecoming Week
-Became a true aggie on homecoming night
-Homecoming Game
-Hiked the Wind Caves 
-Doctors visits 
(The usual visit to the ER for 2 hours)

So October I will be better with blogging more and writing in more detail about what is happening!

xoxo --Sophie B--

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