Monday, January 27, 2014


So.... I really am terrible at remembering to update my blog.... OOPS... but I really am committed to updating it more frequently before I have to turn it over to a missionary email blog (which is only in 37 days!)

 So heres an update for everything thats happened since:

-Went to the BYU vs USU football game (GO AGGIES)
-Watched General Conference at my grandparents home & had to opportunity to attend the Sunday morning session 
- Big/ Little week in KD (I got the BEST BIG EVER)
-Watched USU vs BSU football 
-Extra Credit Opportunities (wahoo...)
-Fall break in Salt Lake 
-Devotional in the Spectrum 
-FHE at my bishops house (banana splits & seeing his cows)
-Seeing my family & having my friends there was beyond special to me
-The Howl (BEST. PARTY. EVER.)
-KD new member exam 

-2nd Degree for KD
-White Rose Weekend
(Walking from the KD house to my dorm in the FREEZING cold with snow with my two sisters was actually so fun)
-Watched the USU vs UNLV football game while in hawaii
-International Girls Day! (#youcan)
-USU vs Colorado State 

-More extra credit (...yay...)
-Mom's birthday & spending it in salt lake with my parents & grandparents going through the SLC Temple
-Moved back to texas
-Sister's birthday
-Date night! (Christmas lights & gingerbread houses)
-Christmas Parties

-NEW YEARS! (2014 wahoo!)
-My birthday (19?! whaaaa)
-Family Portraits 
-Babysitting the CUTEST boy in the world

Sooo thats pretty much my life all summed up right now. Just counting down the days & keeping my self busy until Mexico! I'm thankful for all my friends and family and for the opportunity to meet some AMAZING people in college and I wish everyone the best year ever! 

until next time,
xoxo --Sophie B--

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