Saturday, March 15, 2014

Hola Amigos!!

My life is crazy here at the MTC but I love it! 

So on Sunday ( L.I.T.E.R.A.L.L.Y. the BEST day ever here) we had sacrament meeting and relief society. We get to see Music and the Spoken word too! Then we have lunch and district bonding which resulted in a photoshoot. *Sidenote* here at the MTC-WEST (or CCM as us misionarios call it) we have a little creek that ducks come in and so it was a beautiful day that we decided to go outside and bond by the creek! Anyways, after all the bonding we got ready for lunch, and we even went to go sing in the choir! Its such a fun time, then we got on a bus to take us to Main Campus to attend our devotional! It was so good. I saw Sister Hurst, Sister Askerlund, and Sister Boman! Seriously, Sunday was the best day of the week!

Monday- Friday: The usual wake up, breakfast, class or studies, gym, lunch, class/studies, dinner, class/studies. But Tuesday was different! 

Tuesday we went to the Mexican Consulate in Downtown SLC. So everything was the same except we left at 10:30 am to get a bus to take us to the frontrunner. There were about 20 missionaries (all hermanas except 4 elders, our zone elders) and we got to the front runner, and it took us to the Trax, and then we took that to SLC. So a busy day of traveling. Once we got there we walked to the consulate and on the way while waiting to cross the street I saw SARRRRRA ERRRRRBBB! She was my visiting teacher at USU! It was seriously so cool to see her as I'm walking down the streets of SLC. We get to the consulate and literally sit and wait for hours.. **SIDENOTE:** FOR ALL WHO HAVE BEEN TO THE DMV..... it was like that but longer and worse... We finally get called to state our first and middle name, (which was weird for me to say since I'm so use to Hermana now), took a picture, and took fingerprints...then we left.. They decided they'd have us come again to say where in Mexico we would be entering and why and all that good stuff.. So we went back on the Trax, Front runner, then the bus to the MTC. by that time we got back it was 4:30pm and we were DEAD. tired. Funny how I know that if I was at the MTC and studying I wouldn't have been that tired but since it was a ton of down time it felt like forever. We saw tons of people at the Main Campus for our devotional and next week we are singing in the choir! 

Wednesday, my companion and I were teaching Benjamin, and Miguel (his brother) and we invited them to baptism and they accepted! We were so excited for them and they have a lot more to learn but it was still so exciting to hear that!...Then they came in with our helpers and basically explained what we need to work on, or things that we did excellent on. Turns out they are both LDS, and teach here at the CCM. But, still I was excited that they acted like real investigators and gave us a real answer! 

What I love most about being here at the CCM is there aren't a lot of people here so you get so much attention. Teachers, ZRT, everyone is solely here to help you with understanding and getting the language which is really helping me! We are divided up by classes,(Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced) I like how I'm in the Intermediate because I still get 6 weeks here and I have an understanding of the language, rather than only 4 weeks for advanced or 6 weeks for beginner but, only knowing a little bit of the language. 

Anyway, time here is way crazy. Everyone says it but its so true. The days feel like weeks and the weeks go by like days! Everyday I learn something new and everyday and I cannot wait until I'm in Mexico! 

Con Amor,
Hermana Blankmeyer!

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