Wednesday, October 29, 2014

5 days! Cinco Dias!!

Hello ALL!

Well here we are, we have 5 days people! I'm so excited to be able to serve my fellow brothers & sisters in Salt Lake City, Utah! Sorry for not really having a ton to post but I wanted to just post at least one more blog before I leave.

Thanks to everyone for the prayers, and sweet cards/more. I am so lucky to have such an amazing ward family and friends of my family to help me during this time. It was hard to be home, and will be just as hard the second time to leave again, but oh so exciting to be in a wonderful place teaching & loving the people of Salt Lake!

I leave for the field November 3rd and I'm in the central SLC mission. I will continue to speak in spanish, so I'll continue to keep the language :)

Well thats pretty much all I have to say, thats all I was told. Tons of new experiences and blessings are on their way! Thanks again for everything and for supporting me!

Con Amor,

(Soon to be) Hermana Blankmeyer

{My mom & I took new mission pictures yesterday for the new blog, check them all out of Facebook}

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