Monday, November 24, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!

So before I start, I'm sorry I left my planner in my house and the cable to my camera so pictures & stories I forgot will come next week. Today isn't pday (Thanksgiving Day is) but we still have an hour to email families & we just had a session at the Salt Lake Temple. 

**RANDOM SOPHIE MOMENT** Abby would be proud.  I debated going to our zone activity, because I knew it would be sports and I was kinda tired from last week.  But my awesome companion told me to change and so we went and I played volleyball.   I was the only girl on my team and the only one who knew how to play.  So they called me the "secret serving weapon" not that we were counting score.   But, I serve like 40 in a row and then an elder tells me to look down and I see blood all on my thumb.  I must have split my skin open from the ball hitting my thumb over and over.  Anyway, I'm running to the bathroom with my companion and we grab like 3 paper towels and made a make shift bandage and I came back to the game saying, "I can't set or serve, but I can still play".  So It's not pday until there is an "accident" from sports.  

Then on Tuesday we had a WONDERFUL SPIRITUAL experience with an amazing member and our investigator Maria who was so wonderful. We taught Maria the plan of salvation and there wasn't a dry eye at the end of that lesson. It was so amazing to share the knowledge and testimony that I have about that. I love this gospel and I love that families can be together forever. I'm thankful that our Heavenly Father puts us in families to learn and grow and have a place to NOT HAVE CONTENTION but to love each other. 

We met with the assistants and figured out which companionships are going with which ward. We also saw the new church Christmas video that is coming out! It is way good. Hermana Hanson and I are staying in Layton 3rd ward. We are so grateful and LOVE our ward.   We also went to Salt Lake for the follow up traineer/ trainee meeting. It was nice as well. 

I am honored to be playing piano for the ward choir Christmas program. I know 'Silent Night' but, I am currently learning 'Joy to the World' and 'Angels we have Heard on High'. It is fun to practice and have the opportunity to use my talents. 

Carmen y Kareli....THE BEST FAMILY EVER!!!!! We brought the young women president of our ward to teach with us.  We asked her to really explain more about the YW program because the girls are SO EXCITED to be apart of something like that. We taught them about reading the Book of Mormon and left them with the commitment to come to church. 

We met with Rosa and taught her the Restoration and had her neighbor there to invite her to come to church too. 

We also taught Guadalupe  the lesson on Chastity and she totally understands and already lives the law and has seen the blessings. 

We had exchanges with the STL's. I was with Sister Timuia and we were in an English/Samoan area. I went out and got honked at!  It totally scared me but, they were LDS and just letting the kids see "the missionaries"  We really laughed because it was funny how they were just trying to say hi. We also went to visit a couple of people with the Ward Mission Leader and I met some people from Denton. We taught a lady the Word of Wisdom and she totally understands and is progressing towards baptism! We also went to another place to do service, (clean the fridge) We contacted SO MANY PEOPLE!! (It is easier for English sisters here because there are NO HISPANICS outside).  I learned that I need to be more loving and bold in my commitments to my investigators. 

Saturday was great! We made cookies for the new bishopric, some investigators and people we had to visit. We took some popcorn bags to the family of Carmen and Kareli. They were so excited to see the passalong cards with Jesus and we told them to put them somewhere where they could see it daily and remember how much The Lord loves them and how much we love them. 

SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY.................I'm tremendously thankful WE HAD 7 INVESTIGATORS AT CHURCH. We prayed for a perfect fellowshipper for the family of Carmen and Kareli, and our prayer was answered. We found a family but luckily the whole ward just gathered to them immediately and introduced themselves. They loved it! 

Rosa and her family came to church too; Rosa and her husband Carlos had to leave after sacrament, but the kids stayed for the rest of church. Also, it snowed so we were totally excited and thrilled to see everything all white. We found a family that had kids their age, and a single mom. She came with us that night to their house and I extended the invitation for them to be baptized! They said yes!!  Then I told them about how on the 13th of December they could be baptized, and they said no.  I was so nervous because I didn't expect that, so I was trying to listen to the spirit of what I needed to do next. They said, "We work all day Saturdays, can we do it on Sunday the 14th?!" We were so happy and excited for them! Literally, we have been so blessed with this family and they are progressing amazingly. They have complete confidence to ask questions and love having us over. Hermana Hanson and I are so thankful for them and their willingness to do what we all have been asked to do in this life. 

We went to the temple and its crazy to think in about 3 weeks that I was there exactly a year ago for my first time. I love the temple. I love the Salt Lake City temple and I love the spirit there.

Con Amor,

Hermana Blankmeyer 

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