Tuesday, December 2, 2014


"A soft answer turneth away wrath: but grievous words stir up anger" -Proverbs 15:1 

So we taught Elizabeth with Hermana Solano and we watching the Finding Faith in Christ video, which I was about in tears at the end of. I love that movie and the spirit was so strong there in that lesson. Members REALLY make a difference in lessons. 

Tuesday we had to go to Rose Park, for our hispanic initiative, that is ending on December 14th.  It was a follow-up and information on how we can use it better. It is mormon.org/preguntas and it is a wonderful site to help people understand the answers to the questions many people have. We also met with Anabel, and she said she wants to get married to her husband on Valentines Day! We didn't know that they weren't married but we are super excited for them! Ramon and Mercedes watched the Restoration video with us and again, tears started.   The spirit really touches my heart when we are watching those videos with our investigators. They loved it and want to know more. We also got him to pray! It wasn't easy, but after it was over I let him know how amazing it is that we have this opportunity to communicate with our Heavenly Father and feel his love. Then we taught the Noche de Hogar (Family Home Evening) and we did a gratitude activity that Hermana Hanson had done in her family. 

me and my companion at the multi-zone conference

Wednesday we had a multi-zone conference for "He is the Gift" SERIOUSLY IN LOVEEE WITH THIS INITIATIVE THAT THE CHURCH IS DOING!!! I can't even BEGIN to explain. LITERALLY YOU CAN STOP READING MY BLOG AND GO TO christmas.mormon.org o navidad.mormon.org and watch the 2 minute video YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED. We are sharing it and spreading it like wildfire and I love that we are. It is another video I get to always feel the spirit when I watch it. We went to Carmen's house for dinner and met her mother.   Carmen is from Anaheim, California and we talked about L3 and it was awesome. Then we had choir practice and I have learned most of the songs on the piano for the concert.  However, I am continuing to pray and practice to get better. 

THANKSGIVING DAY!!! yeah it was preparation day... we went to buy stuff at Walmart and cleaned and such. It was kind of a chill relaxing day and then we went to 7 eleven to get a donut and a member paid for us so that was super nice! We had thanksgiving dinner ****PLEASE NOTE I AM IN UTAH BUT I ALSO AM IN THE SPANISH PROGRAM***** baked potatoes, salad, ribs, and fruit. Then we went to our next appointment and had pasta and whipped cream with fruit for dinner.  The other people we visited all gave us food. After the day we had 1 bottle of sparkling grape juice, dunkin donuts, turkey, rice, rolls, pan dulce, tostados, and some candy. I really did miss watching the Macy's parade and smelling apple pie.  I did have the pleasure of helping Sister Smith peel her apples for her Thanksgiving pies. 

We had an AWESOME lesson with Hermana Dominguez and Maria. I don't know much about Family History but since most of her family is gone, she is super interested in it! She was in tears after she found out about her family history and we were so thankful for Hermana Dominguez (her calling is family history worker) and she just took it away. We also finally contacted Jose and Jose, and we shared with them the "He is the gift" initiative. Literally everytime I watch it I feel so happy and good. We did service with Sister Smith again, Saturday's are really hard and this week we were painting her house. It was super fun to spend time with her and help her, also listening to Christmas music was super fun too. 

Well, none of our investigators came to church. :( Carmen and Karlei couldn't because their house was leaking and they needed to fix it.  Guadalupe and Rosa never responded to us. We are just thinking it was because of the Thanksgiving holiday.   We were BEATEN tired from all of our work. Hermana Hanson and I have never been so tired in our lives and then in sacrament we were falling asleep. Right when that happened the brother that was giving his talk and was like "YOU SHOULD NOT BE SLEEPING IN CHURCH" ... it was funny. Then after sacrament we had to teach gospel principles with like 2 minutes notice. Hopefully it went well. We had a stake Christmas devotional which was super cool. Mainly musical pieces about Christmas and some talks here and there about the true meaning and such.  We left early so we could get to our dinner and then our dinner canceled :( thats okay, we weren't hungry.  We just kept working and then the next thing we know its 9:00pm and we needed to be home and as soon as we walked in we were STARVING!! 

I love you all and hope you share the "He is the gift" video. I love it more than words can describe. I love you all and hope you will continue to help with His work. 


And read in Preach my Gospel about the Restoration (pages 6, 31-40) 

....also on friday i hit my 9 month mark....whattttttt 

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