Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Study and Teach

"Work Smarter. Believe More. Listen to the promptings of the Holy Spirit. Trust your own judgement." -Gordon B. Hinckley 


So last week I forgot to talk about a lady who we found late one night. She was crying and talking about how her husband and her have a lot of Domestic Violence problems and she was asking us for advice. We turned to the scriptures, I told her to stop settling for that and to go to the bishop so her and her children can have a life they deserve. 

Another sister we visited later was Celita, who has a beautiful down syndrome daughter and we taught her about the Book of Mormon. We also taught Candido, a less active about the Book of Mormon and are hoping she will feel the spirit of the gospel and want to be active. 

We visited Sister Barker, and saw the improvement from the neck surgery. We went to dust, vacuum, and washed and dried her cushions from her front room. It was really sweet because her husband does so much for her, when I was vacuuming the bedroom, I glanced at the bathroom and saw a heart with the words "I love you more and more" inside. 

Erika Mota is a new investigator who said YES to baptism! We were so excited! We made hearts for our members, investigators, less actives and more for their doors saying "Happy Valentine's Day!" and also that we "love" them. 

We saw Carlos and talked together about faith in Christ.   Later that day we invited Oscar Fernandez to help us, he served his mission with Sister Megan Hill, he's great and really helped us with the invitations we extended.

We went to a WEDDING!!  It was cool to see someone in our ward get married and also see some friends from my old ward. 

We had stake conference here in Rosepark this week. Elder Evans came and talked about ministering and ward counsels. Interesting topic that completely grabbed my heart as it was given. We as a zone had a mighty prayer on Saturday and fasted on Sunday for more baptisms, new people to teach, and reactivations. 

Amy Earl for the yummy cookies and card! 
Grandparents (both Blankmeyer and Congers)

I loved the wonderful goodies and felt the LOVE on Valentines Day.  (Sorry I was a little late on some of my gifts but they are coming soon!) 

I had my temple recommend interview with my mission president. He said wonderful things about my family. I love him and will miss him but I'm already praying for President Spendlove and know he will guide us. 

I love you all and miss you to pieces! 
con amor 
Hermana Blankmeyer 

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