Tuesday, February 3, 2015


***Be aware of opportunities to reach out to others. Be neighborly and reach out in love to all people.***

"Therefore, cheer up your hearts, and remember that ye are free to act for yourselves- to choose the way of everlasting death or the way of eternal life." -2 Nephi 10:23

SOOOO Rosepark is great!! I love the 14th ward. Lots of craziness and a new area to learn and love. This area is in the Northern Rosepark stake and we work in the more afluent part of the area. I am really trying hard to learn as much as I can. Utah kinda confused me because I got used to the grid system and now I work with a TON of street names.  That is what confuses me most.   I LOVE this new area, my trio, and everything else here with all my heart.

**(ALSO the reason I am in a trio- I was actually asked to train this transfer for a visa waiter going to Guatemala, but she got her visa in the MTC very last minute.  She got lucky enough to go straight there, therefore the random trio)*** 

Okay so again I am terrible at names in this new area and just learning and so its hard for me to remember everyone and everything so please bear with me. 

Honorio is a great cute 70 year old man who is learning and recently joined the church.

Castaneda Family is the cutest, they have a ton of kids and have a cute story of how they met. 

Alofa (We also cover a english branch for people living in Escalante, they are all elderly and some have disabilities- I LOVE this area more than anything) she is a Samoan women who is the best ever. We had curry chicken and rice and vegetables and chocolate cake at her home and it was so amazing. 

Andee we tried to study his lesson for priesthood, it was on Agency.  He was struggling that day and so we did the best we could, and left with a prayer.

Ortega Family is a new family.  We taught them Lesson 1 and he had many great comments and insights. I really feel good about this family. 

Barajas Family are recent converts. They are a great family that are striving to become an eternal family. 

It is so cool to be in this area because it is so close to my last area, and there are many relations to my last area. I knew a less active I visited a couple of times in my last area who is the sister of a member in this area and that connection is really cool! 

District Meeting was great!  I'm in a new district but most of the people in it are from my last district! 

We had a day where we contacted EVERYONE in Rosepark, okay not really, but basically anyone we could get in front of and it was a lot. It was also a BEAUTIFUL day, I kinda want spring now (if you can't tell) and we just knocked out so many contacts we have no pass along cards left now. 

I'm hopefully going to remember more people by name and a little bit about them.  What happened is because we worked hard and saw so many people its hard to keep everything straight in my mind.  It is hard to go visit less actives and investigators and recent converts, and all the houses look the same and it is interesting and a challenge.   But it is the best to be busy, I absolutely love it. I just need to do better at remembering the names of all the people we work with. 

Church was fun and great! Our bishop is the mexican look alike of Steve Carell. Literally. We taught Sunday School on the gifts of the spirit. It was really good, and many people after the lesson were telling me that I was great at spanish so that made me feel welcome to the ward.   I am sure if I wasn't stumbling around the language it was  THANKS TO THE GIFT OF TONGUES that was possible. 

We tried to go teach a new investigator but he wasn’t home. One thing that is super nice being in a trio is, if there is a single man in the house we can still teach him because there is a 3rd sister there.   So houses we normally couldn’t get in before, we can now, same with rides home.  We met with a great guy who is investigating but lives out of the mission, and so we told him we wished we could teach him but unless he moves we cant. But he is still going to come to our ward and he is going to think about moving so we can.

We had dinner and then we had to weekly plan because of the Superbowl. I personally didn’t care and didn’t know of who was playing but Hermana Fernandez did.  It is a holiday at her house and she loves the patriots.  We heard the score at the end of the night and she was happy, I was happy she was happy she was funny.  Hermana Reza just thinks we are crazy.  I love them so so soooo much.  Hermana Reza says I will train next transfer and will either go back to Mount Ensign or whitewash a new area. 

Well that is all I can think of for now, OH! I found a nice fortune 
                                          "You will be successful through innovation and determination."

I love you all and am praying for you! 
Thank you Sister Sandi Smith for the target gift cards!
Thank you Sister Teri Smith for the visiting teaching message- I also always read christlike attributes every week.
Thanks Liz, for the card! 

Con Amor,
Hermana Blankmeyer 

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