Monday, April 13, 2015

Gifts of the Spirit

" Ten Gifts of the Holy Spirit:
1. Helps us understand what we see/ hear 
2. Helps us to recognize the truth
3. Helps us make decisions
4. Helps us to know and choose the right
5. Inspires us with thoughts and ideas
6. Helps us to understand and communicate with each other
7. Helps us recall important things when we need them
8. Warns us of danger
9. Comfort us when we stand in need of comfort 
10. Helps us build a testimony for ourselves of the truth"
- Henry B. Eyring

***YOUTH - Invite friends to church meetings and activities*** 

This week we had the privilege of teaching many wonderful people this week.  Maribel is a teenager we taught more about baptisms for the dead. She was really hesitant about what we were teaching and just asked a ton of questions. I told her about my experience when I was 12 years old going to the temple for the first time. She stopped and thought about coming back to church in order to learn more. We were all praying and reading in D&C 138:59-60 with her.  We read about being washed clean through baptism and becoming an heir to salvation.  It was a great learning experience for all.  

With Perla we taught her the Plan of Salvation, it is really fun to teach kids because they are so in tune with what is happening. She helped us discover her analogy where Disney World was the Celestial Kingdom, and school was the Telestial. We went to go teach Teodora but as we got there, she answered the phone and was talking to someone, and after she we taught her she asked if we could help teach 3 teenagers who are going through a TOUGH time. We said we would be happy to help.

We visited Rico and taught him about Family History and how he could start his family tree. He is a GREAT guy with a 2 month old son and he really loves this gospel. We took Hno. Rojas to our lesson with Maximo about keeping the Sabbath day holy. Then we taught the Mendez family about Patriarchal Blessings. 

Sister's throwing up their "signs" 
Hermana Blankmeyer's zone 

Matching in Red 

We had a lot of area book updating to do, so one day when all our lessons canceled we helped update and train Hermana Pula on that. It is when we go over the area with a map and names to be more effective.  It was good to get it organized (we have a feeling we are getting transferred)  Then we had a really productive meeting with Bishop and after the last person we were counseling about, the power shut off. The whole grid was off and then the song in the car literally goes "Temptations lose their POWER..." haha...we safely went home and did our persona planning.  

I was feeling really bad on Thursday, but Thursday we had MIRACLES!!! We were trying so hard to see these 2 referrals and I was feeling super bad that we hadn't had any success.  However, we decided to check to see if they were home and then we would finish for the day. I prayed they would be home and they were! BOTH were home. It was a nice comfort to know that if you just push the extra 2 miles, LOTS, of miracles and blessings can happen. 

We had a WONDERFUL zone meeting. It was tremendously spiritual! We taught young Eugene about the Book of Mormon. THAT BOY... I love him so much. He's such a great example and gentleman at only 9 years. The last thing that was super amazing this week was last night. Elder Gonzalez was teaching a family. We now cover that area, and the grandma needed a blessing because she would be going into surgery this morning. That blessing had us all (including him) surprised. The father asked "Why do I feel like something bad left and I feel calm, peaceful, and like I need to cry?" We explained it was the spirit. The spirit was so strong in that house. They were all impacted. 

I love you all and am so thankful for the many prayers. Each day truly is a blessing and something I'll never take advantage of. A day on the mission will never go by wasted. I love this work will all my heart. I've waited so long to finally be a missionary and its crazy how fast the time goes by here. I love you all and hope you find hope and strength in my words. You all help me to carry on, and so do the many miracles we face daily. 

Con Amor,
Hermana Blankmeyer 

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