Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Holy Ghost

"For the Spirit of the Lord will not always strive with man. And when the spirit ceaseth to strive with man than cometh speedy destruction, and this grieveth my soul." -2 Nephi 26:11 



We had a week full of miracles and wonderful things :) First Hermana Latourette came out with us and we got a ton of stuff and people to visit. We had a lot of success finding people to teach and getting members to go out with us :) I really love this ward and think I will be here until I leave (possibly) but I love it so much it wouldn't matter to me :)

St. Patrick's Day was great! We were all wearing green, totally said, "We got to take a picture" guess what we didn't do... But we did put up the decorations you sent mom so our home is looking great and spring-y :) Sister Flint the land lady also is putting in roses, daffodils, and other beautiful flowers at our home.  She is so sweet! We had to get the car inspected and once we did it totally reminded me of Mexico.  Again I was totally 100% okay with speaking Spanish and being there in the Big O Tires place. We went contacting with a sister in the ward who is putting in her mission papers. We went to visit a family whose husband is going through the temple for the first time this week.  He was having A TON of attacks from the adversary. We let him know that Heavenly Father is aware of him and his problems.  We reassured him that they will only be for a short moment. I let him know that recently I was having a hard time.  However, I know, through the spirit, that everything is going to be okay and that helps me each and every day. 

I had a driving test to get privileges in the mission, I PASSED!! haha No, but really, I'm excited to drive.  It was totally perfect because Sister Fernandez was not feeling well and Elder Tucker had just given me the okay to drive if she got sick or for some reason couldn't. We dropped her off at the bishop's house and Sister Pula and I left to our appointments. We visited a less active family and her 6 month old daughter's name is Sophie, she is precious. I'll have to get a picture of her one day. :) We visited the other family that was going through the temple this weekend. We also got some less active members really excited for general conference coming up. I'm more than excited about getting the opportunity to go! I have so many questions and investigators with questions and I have NO DOUBT that every single question will be answered. I'm inviting those who are reading this, to PLEASE go or watch General Conference WITH A QUESTION/PURPOSE.  IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIVES! I love conference more than I think I should but, who doesn't?! 

We did service for a lot of sisters in Escalante this week. There was one who asked for my advice with her 18 year old daughter who is Atheist. I love this gospel, the hope, the spirit, the happiness I feel is something I enjoy daily. I love being able to take my knowledge and build upon it daily. People think missionaries are "perfect" or "all-knowing". We are humans, we make mistakes, we are learning, we feel the Atonement in our lives daily, we love this work. No member is less than any missionary, we are all equals. We just dedicate ourselves completely for a season.   We do our best which is what we all should strive for. 

There are so many investigators and people to talk about. We are SUPER busy missionaries. Maximo is out of the hospital. He now has a tube running out of him taking out the blood and infection of his last surgery, once it stops doing that he can take it out and be baptized. We are going to put him down for baptism April 11th. 

Perla is a 10 year old girl who's mom is a recent convert in Ogden. She will be scheduled for the 18th of April, along with a miracle Eugiene. 

We went on a power hour, with Sister Fatani and Sister Pula. We were contacting people in this apartment complex and we see a 9 year old little boy.  I ask him if he knew where building 1760 was, he didn't but told me that he wanted to be baptized but missionaries never came. We quickly went to his house and I talked to his mother. She mentioned they went to Temple Square, for the lights at Christmas (best time EVER) and the missionaries wrote down their information and never followed-up. So we grabbed an appointment with him and his mother. We also did service for them spontaneously.  I LOVE THIS FAMILY. There is something very special about them, one day we will know :)

Happy {late} FIRST DAY OF SPRING!! It was sooooo nice outside. We had a great lesson with Teodora, and Keren came to our lesson. We taught Perla and put her on date and told her how important it was to come to church and she ended up not being able to make it :( 

We did a service project for the Barajas and we painted their porch and bench. They were also trying to put concrete down, but we had to leave quickly afterwards so we couldn't help to finish it out. It was fun to get out of a skirt and help with yard work like we would sometimes do on Saturdays at home. 

We got to go to the Bountiful Temple. Not only was it my first time going to Bountiful but, IT WAS IN SPANISH!!! I about died I was so happy that we were able to attend and being in the temple is just an amazing place to be. We also get the opportunity to go on Wednesday to the Salt Lake City temple at the 8 am session :) I miss being in the temple and working there, which kind of makes me more convinced that I'll work in the Logan Temple when I get home. It is so pretty and the spirit that is felt is indescribable. I want EVERYONE to be able to partake of that spirit. 

Church was really good. We had ward conference and ward council. I feel like slowly the leaders in our ward are starting to like sister missionaries.  The ideas and things we bring up are starting to actually be followed through. I really love this ward and the people in it. The investigators we have are great and golden. I always said I wanted to see Rosepark in the spring because I knew there was so much more potential than in the winter when everyone is bundled up at home. 

I love you all and cant believe how fast time is running!! 2 1/2 TRANSFERS left! I also really feel impressed to say that I may never be back to my 100% health. Maybe never even after the mission, but I do know that with His grace it is sufficient. With Him I am 100%. He makes up the rest of my faults. Sometimes it's hard for my mind to grasp that certain things are harder for my body now than before.   But that it is okay.  I have faith in the Lord. If doctors can't ever figure it out I know that my Lord will help me be okay until its time. I trust HIM. 

I love you all. I pray for y'all daily, and hope you all are doing well and are LOVING life like I am here on the mission! (I tell people I'm NEVER going home....)

Con Amor y Felicidad,
Hermana  Blankmeyer
Random selfie this man we contacted took and sent to my mom from temple square.

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