Friday, June 27, 2014

Farewell to President Trevino

We had an activity as a zone for President Trevino because he leaves July 10.   We had to go to another chapel and I didn't bring anything with me because I thought we would be going back home before writing so please forgive me if this email is short or scattered.
So during the week we had wonderful experiences.  Every day is a miracle here and we love to see the little things in our lives that Heavenly Father places for us.
We are teaching a 14 year old boy named Alejandro.  His dad basically said that his son wants to know more about our church, so we have been working with him.  He is totally your typical 14 year old.  He knows a lot and has tons of questions.  He loves video games and soccer.  We started teaching him and his uncle.  He has a different belief of the nature of God.  We started walking to his house and Hermana Guerra asked if I wanted to start the lesson by answering his question.  I knew that it would be hard and I knew he wouldn't want to listen to us the minute we explained what we believe.  I honestly was doubting, but we reached his door and I had prayed that he would listen and that the spirit would help him remember the things that we were about to teach.  I turned to the bible, and explained that if in Génisis 1:27, says that we were created in the image of God, then God has a physical body like us.  He sat there, and thought... I was afraid of the silence but then had peace.  I then asked him, "Entonces, Hermano Alejandro, ¿Cómo es Dios" (Then, brother Alejandro What is God like?) And he looked at my companion and said, "Pues, Igual Que Nosotros, ¿no? Y si nosotros tenemos Un cuerpo de carne y huesos, así es como el." (Well, just like us, right? And If we have a body of flesh and bones, that's how He is.)  I was so shocked.  I then smiled and testified that I knew without a doubt in my mind that He is like us, so he understands us physically as well as emotionally.  I felt so good and knew that the spirit had helped him in that moment understand more about the things he had known previously.
Diego and his brothers came to church again!  It is so wonderful to be in a huge ward, around 200, where the youth are so willing to go up and introduce themselves and include everyone we bring to church.  
 We held a special activity and program for president Trevino and we made food for him. The hermanas helped get the plates, utensils and table clothes.   I also helped make the pico de gallo y guacamole. The elders helped cook the meat and tortillas.  We came out singing a hymn and ate together.  We all said thanks for everything and helped them on their way.  We sang their favorite hymn as they left the chapel.  It sounds like a good couple hour program? Ha! Preparation was from 9 am and lasted until around 4... It was wonderful and we thought it was worth our pday. 
World cup is huge here!  Of course... but I didn't expect it to be this big.  But yeah, I only know when Mexico plays and that the U.S. won a game.  That is literally all I know about it.
This week I felt my Saviors love more than I ever have felt in my life, and in my mission.  So this week I was in the hospital for four days; my mission president was with me when I got some pretty big tests done and afterward we discussed what would be happening.  I was having sharp pains that no medicine would provide relief.  They finally resorted to strong pain killers.  Presidente Treviño is really amazing and kind.  He gave me two options.  I either go home and get better and stay in America, or I go home, get better and come back to Mexico.  I obviously don't want to come home but I need to be better in order to work.  The United States has a lot more opportunity for me to get better faster.  We came to the conclusion that I will be coming home, I think sometime this week. It was devastating to think about it at the time because I feel like in a way I'm giving up, but I have prayed and feel certain that He is okay with the decision too.  Obviously for me, I don't want to stop this wonderful work of salvation, so I will be coming back to finish my service to my Heavenly Father and my brothers and sisters here in Veracruz.  

I'm really trying to look ahead and focus on getting better so I can work with all my heart, might, mind, and strength.  Being sick has brought frustrating moments and hard times, but at times I could close my eyes and feel Heavenly Fathers presence right there as if He was giving me a hug.  Something I really needed to cheer me up!  The days go by so fast! Many of my zone leaders, district leaders, presidents, are going home soon!  It's crazy.  It is wonderful to be apart of this magnificent work!
Love you and miss you all!
Con Amor,
Hermana Blankmeyer

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