Tuesday, June 10, 2014

When it RAINS it POURS!

Creo en Cristo y lo acepto como mi Salvador.- 2 Nefi 25:29

¡Hola todos! ¿Como estan? Pues yo estoy bien ahora, pero espero estar un poquito mejor. 

This week we were going to have divisions and I would go with one girl from the ward that wants to go on a mission, and speaks a little English, and my companion was going with a sister that just got back from her mission. Unfortunately one was sick, so as 3 we left.   I wanted to learn how to basically do everything by myself so my companion and I set a goal and were off.   I'm glad she was there to catch me when I fell, but she told me that at the end of the day I did really well. The spirit was always present and I was able to do the things that I didn't believe I could do. I know that The Lord helped me during all of my lessons, finding, and remembering streets/directions. 

My companion was a little sick in the beginning of the week, and turns out after many doctors visits and test, she needs glasses. Like daughter like mother, haha no se crea. Pero si, ella tiene lentes ahora y es un poco raro, para los dos. (Sophia is saying that they both wear glasses now.)  Everything was better and then I got sick, I went to the hospital and they thought it was my kidneys because it felt like someone was stabbing me as I walked.   We figured out it was when I walked, and always after I ate that I had the pain. They gave me medicine and we thought all would be well. 

Meanwhile when we went to pick up my companions glasses, we stopped and talked with an Hermana in the ward. (Literally our mom she is wonderful) She drove us to the market to grab something and we looked outside just as we are about to leave and BAM! water EVERYWHERE. It started to pour rain... We ran to the car, and were soaked, but that was just the beginning of it. We started to drive, and the roads here don't have gutters, and if they do they are spouting with water. Streets turned into rivers, if you didn't know where you were driving you would get stuck. Luckily this hermana knew where to go, and which roads to take.  It was like the car turned into a submarine at times.  We came home and since the doctor said to rest, we did. 

Saturday morning was terrible. We had the job of cleaning the building and it was still raining so bad.  We had water up to our knees, while walking the streets with our umbrellas at 7 am.  We cleaned and the rain still continued to downpour , we finally heard that there was somewhat of a cyclone in Oaxaca, and then realized for that reason it had been raining nonstop for days. Dark skies continued.  It was nice to get somewhat of a break from the blistering sun, but be careful what you wish for ;) 

Sunday morning we went to the hospital again and I had practically every test done to see what the problem was because the pain wasn't going away. They came to the conclusion that it is Colitis and I should just take it easy.  We were in the hospital for hours and none of the medicine was helping take the pain away. I couldn't sleep due to the pain either, it was the worst. Blessings and prayers were happening but everything was staying the same. 

Today my companion and I decided its best for our investigators to hear the message we have rather than us staying inside a lonely home. I want to work! I literally cried when the doctors said to rest for 2 days because I knew that meant no time to get our investigators to come to church. We luckily saw Diego and his family on Sunday afternoon and talked with them and apologized that we didn't teach English class or invite them to church because we had been sick. This week we will do the same with the rest of them, apologize for not being there for them this week when we had appointments and all that. I really learned a lesson about trusting in our Savior and allowing Him to bear our burdens. I KNOW without a doubt in my heart that He was there with me at every step in my sickness and especially when I felt like I was unable to bear it. If we pray and trust in Him we can feel His love and remember that "from the Garden to the Cross, He walked a mile in my shoes." He might not take away our pain but He will comfort us and give us strength to endure it.

May we all try this week to be better at serving and trusting Him in all we do. I pray that everyone stays healthy and happy. I'll get better so no need to worry. 

Happy Birthday to Elder Anderson & My daddy & my companion! 
Con Amor,
Hermana Blankmeyer 

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